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First Math 106 Lecture on Thr Jan 23th 2023

..MTH 106..35 mins  

Passcode: 6*p8ficF

Outline of how the course is run. How to earn the grade.

Some description about why hand written notes is important

Some description of Pascal's Triangle, and what we will talk about tomorrow

Math 106 Lecture, 2023

..MTH 106..35 mins  

Passcode: Dh58DF^4

What is the First Black Board Assignment?

What is the difference between set theory, the Laws of sets, and arithmetic?

How is Pascal's Trangle related to probabity distributions?

Math 106 Lecture, Jan 30 Monday 2023

..MTH 106..35 mins  

Passcode: Qj@tX46b

Some on SCN, but asking students not to worry about SCN.

Discussion about Human Deep Learning

I showed the class how test three is created.