In each case one may copy a pass code and then click on a hyperlink

Watch Zoom Recordings to internalize elements of a story.

These recording are not for Public Access.

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ODE Lecture on Monday, Jan 30th 2023

..MTH 221..31 mins  

Passcode: db?qS20@

Discussion about how to learn this advanced material

This is a Monday disussion which will be repeated on Tuesday

You are asked to attend either MW of TR.

If you know you will miss a class try to attend the other day

Third ODE Lecture on Thursday, Jan 28th 2023

..MTH 221..10 mins  

Passcode: E6gzQ2+v=


Topics in the early part of the 14 assignments

Second ODE Lecture on weds, Jan 25th 2023

..MTH 221..18 mins  

Passcode: zJ+qh0H=

Outline of the course

Use of Alta with a focus on the first four assignments

Some discussion about your responsibilities to this class

First ODE Lecture on Thr Jan 18th 2023

..MTH 221..35 mins  

Passcode: zJ+qh0H=

Outline of the course

Some description about SCN